Multicar Pileup on I-35

There was a multicar pileup on interstate 35. This caused a standstill near barker lane in Austin. The accident specifically involved an 18-wheeler and multiple other vehicles which are blacking multiple southbound lanes of traffic. Accident debris has blocked some of the northbound lanes of I-35 causing some delays there as well. At this point, it is unclear if there are any injuries or deaths related to this accident. All cars that are traveling South on I-35 have been suggested to use either frontage roads, or other routes to get to their destination. As a reminder, please stay safe on the roads and always wear a seatbelt. If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Austin and want to speak to an Austin personal injury attorney about your rights, contact Sandoval & James Attorneys. For more information about Trucking accidents and what to do after a truck accident look at our what to do after a trucking accident page here.

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