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We are a proven accident
and injury law firm located
in Austin, Texas.

Our firm was founded in Austin and we consider Austin our home. We represent people who have been hurt or injured due to things like car accidents, a slip and fall, defective products, and other incidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

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Our priority is our clients. We prioritize their well-being, and we prioritize their results. This is true of everyone in our firm, and we are proud to have assembled a group of like-minded people. From our founding partners to our exceptional lawyers to our incredible staff, we put our clients first.

Practice Areas
of Our Austin Personal Injury Lawyers

Our law firm primarily represents people from the Austin area
who were hurt or injured due to another’s negligence. However your accident or
injury may have occurred, contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

Need a Car Accident Lawyer Near You? One second. That’s all the time it takes to turn an ordinary day into an ongoing nightmare.

If you are a biker, you know the feeling. The freedom and exhilaration, the wind in your hair, the purr of your motorcycle beneath you, and the open road ahead of you create a unique and powerful combination.

Virtually every type of commercial vehicle is a regular presence on Austin’s streets. This includes everything from cargo vans to large transport trucks, also called semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, or big rigs.

The death of a family member or other loved one is always difficult for those left behind. Even when the loss is expected after a lengthy illness or comes at the end of a full life, grief and sadness are unavoidable. But when a life is tragically and suddenly cut short because someone acted recklessly or was negligent or when a parent, child, or sibling is taken from a family forever because someone else was careless and irresponsible, the loss hits even harder.

Almost every injury, no matter how “minor,” has an impact on your life, at least for a while. An injury may be painful, limit your mobility and ability to do everyday tasks, or keep you off the job for a stretch. Many such injuries heal and — inconvenience, discomfort, and medical treatment and costs aside — ultimately leave you no worse for the wear.

When a car or truck hits a bicycle, it is often a frightening experience for both the driver and the bicyclist. In such accidents, the vehicle typically impacts the body of the cyclist directly. Unfortunately, this almost always leaves the cyclist injured and often severely injured. If you were recently hit by a car or truck while riding a bicycle and have questions, feel free to contact our office. We are happy to address your questions and concerns, completely free of charge.

Every day, buses filled with passengers traverse the streets and highways around Austin. School buses take children to and from school. Charter buses transport tour groups or sports teams to their destinations. Interstate bus lines drive people to cities across Texas and beyond. And passengers take an average of over two million trips per month on Austin’s MetroBus network, according to Capital Metro statistics.

It is a tragic and infuriating tale told way too often. Someone gets behind the wheel after having one drink too many; maybe several drinks too many. He knows driving drunk is illegal. He knows it puts his life and the lives of others at serious risk. Despite all of this, he convinces himself that he is okay and can make it home safely. And then, in an instant, he is proven horribly wrong

Walking is a great way to explore and get around Austin. But it only takes one mistake by an inattentive or negligent driver to turn a pleasant stroll into an ongoing nightmare. Pedestrians here in Austin, throughout Texas, and across the country are hurt or killed in traffic accidents at a shocking rate.

Texans work hard. Whether your job is on a factory floor or construction site, in an office or cubicle, behind a counter, or at the wheel, you expect to be compensated fairly for your time, effort, and commitment. If you get hurt on the job, as millions of Americans do every year, you also expect your employer to meet their obligations under the law to help you get back on your feet and back to work.

We’ve all had a good chuckle watching actors on TV and in the movies slip on banana peels, tumble downstairs, or trip and fall for comedic effect. But in real life, falls are anything but funny. For millions of Americans, each year falls bring pain, serious and debilitating injuries, and related trauma. For our nation’s vulnerable seniors, falls can be fatal. In one recent year, over 32,000 Americans died from injuries sustained in a fall.

The world is full of dangers and hazards that can lead to severe injuries or death. Some of them are unavoidable. Other dangerous conditions, however, are the direct result of property owners who fail to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition or disregard hazards that they knew or should have known about yet didn’t fix.

All of us are consumers. Almost every moment of every day – even while we are sleeping – we are surrounded by products we’ve purchased and rely on for a variety of reasons. The toys your child plays with, the appliances, devices, and tools you use around the house, the car you drive to work, the medicine you take – these are just a few examples of the consumer goods we encounter all the time. Since they are on the market and available for sale, we understandably presume that these products are safe, reliable, and appropriate for our use. But too often, that presumption is wrong.


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We are a proven accident and injury law
firm located in Austin, TX.

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Our Founding Partners

Benedict V. James, Esq.
Benedict V. James, Esq.
Esteban Sandoval, Esq.
Esteban Sandoval, Esq.

More Practice Areas

Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys in Austin, TX

Car accidents caused by distracted driving, often by someone using their cell phone, are a serious danger here in Austin and throughout Texas. In fact, distracted drivers caused over three thousand car accidents last year in Texas alone. While there are other forms or causes of distracted driving, the large majority of car crashes caused by distracted driving are due to cell phone use. While this problem is more prevalent among younger drivers, it is a significant problem across all demographics.

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Most drivers understand that if they are involved in an accident with another vehicle or pedestrian, they need to pull over and stay at the scene until police or other first responders arrive. They know that they should exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver or anyone else involved before leaving. Not only is stopping, assisting, and remaining at the scene of an accident the right thing to do, it is also required under Texas law.

Passenger Accident Lawyer in Austin

Any time we are on the road, we put our trust in other drivers to drive safely and responsibly. But when we are passengers in a vehicle, we also put our trust in the person driving us. When a vehicle collision occurs, passengers are just as likely to suffer severe injuries as drivers. In fact, the risks of injury or death are significantly higher for back seat passengers due to a lower rate of seatbelt use. Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed that unbuckled rear-seat passengers were eight times more likely to be hurt or killed in a crash than buckled back seat passengers.

Rideshare Attorneys in Austin, TX

Sandoval & James has helped numerous clients after they were hurt or injured in an accident involving a rideshare company, such as Uber or Lyft (also referred to as ride-hailing companies). If you were recently hurt or injured in an accident involving a rideshare company, the attorneys at Sandoval & James can help.

Rear End Accident Lawyer in Austin

If another driver hits your car from behind in a rear-end accident, you probably never saw it coming. The driver who crashed into your vehicle likely didn’t either, because he or she was looking at a phone or somewhere other than the road, or was driving too fast and too close to you. When that unexpected impact violently jolts your unprepared body, the injuries that result can be painful, debilitating, and long-lasting.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Austin

Americans love dogs. There’s a good chance you are one of those folks who are fond of “man’s best friend.” But as loveable, smart, and domesticated as dogs may be, they remain animals prone to unpredictable – and sometimes violent – behavior. Some dogs may have a propensity for aggression, while others may bite, jump or scratch if they are surprised or feel threatened. When dogs, especially large or strong ones, act out and attack people, they can cause severe and sometimes permanent injuries and disfigurement.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Austin

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers spend years studying and training to get the knowledge, insights, and skills needed to understand and treat human illnesses and injuries. We rely on these professionals to fix what’s broken and heal us when we are sick; we quite literally put our lives in their hands. While we know that medicine doesn’t have all the answers and that some diseases or injuries may not heal, we have every right to expect that the doctors who treat us do so with the appropriate standard of care.

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"I’m a client for life. This law firm is the best, I’ve had other attorneys in the past, after this one I will need no other. Great all around!"

Josh S.

"Thank you so much for all the help and patience with me. Y’all have been there for me the whole time during this rough accident. I appreciate this law firm very much. It can’t get better than Yudo Ana. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and trying the best y’all can to fight. Y’all have really made me proud. "

Taryn H.

"THIS IS THE BEST LAW FIRM! Thank you so much for the whole team and specialty to Mr. Kevin who fought for me and my rights! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WERE INVOLVED IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!! THANK YOU!"

Samuel G.

"The best law firm in Austin hands down! My case has been running smooth and I couldn’t be happier with the process!"

John J.

"I’m a client for life. This law firm is the best, I’ve had other attorneys in the past, after this one I will need no other. Great all around!"

Josh S.

"I highly recommend Sandoval & James Law Firm. I am from Laredo, Texas and my case is running smoothly. I have been helped with all my medical attention. Their representatives are very helpful and very knowledgeable about any and all issues regarding my case."

Debbie J.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work! You are a blessing to me and my family. Best attorneys in town!"

Berta S.

"My wife and I are very thankful to Sandoval James Law Firm! They did everything right 100%. Best attorney in town. Thank you!"

Parveiz C.

"Very responsive and keep you updated on everything! They will definitely fight to get you what you deserve and won’t stop till you do! Highly recommend they will take care of you!"

Analisa T.

"Thank you so much, Sandoval James! Especially many thanks to Ani Gavrilova! She is a rockstar and knows what she is doing, the best outcome possible! Highly recommend this personal injury law firm to anyone in need!"

Victor C.

Just one of our many client reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The results are beyond our expectations. This is the best personal injury law firm in town! Everything was great, thank you!” -Fernando G. on Google

As of 10/3/23, SJW Car Accident & Injury Lawyers Austin has a 4.9 rating from 1,430 total reviews on Google Maps.