Icy Roads in Austin

There was a small amount of snow in Austin over the weekend. The snow led to icy roads and numerous accidents on Austin Streets and freeways. While there were numerous accidents that took place in Fayette County many wrecks were also on Interstate 10, and highways 290, 71, and 77. Sheriff Korenek, because of how many accidents were occurring, encouraged people to stay off the roads unless it was necessary. Driving in snow can be difficult, especially if a person is not accustomed to driving in snow and ice conditions. Remember to drive at a reasonable speed for the conditions of the road, as well as slow down before you think you need to, as hitting black ice can propel you faster into nearby cars. Additionally, because of the dangerous driving conditions, if you do not have to drive to go somewhere, stay safe at home. If you or someone you know was recently in a car accident where weather may have been a factor and you have questions regarding your rights, contact the accident and injury attorneys at Sandoval & James today. You can also find additional information on what to do after a car accident here.

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