How to File a Police Report in Austin, TX (Free Help for Injured Victims)

Are you wondering how to file a police report for a car accident in Austin, TX? In the aftermath of a car accident in Austin, Texas, knowing how to file a police report is an important step. This post will guide you through the necessary steps to take and how to reach out to the Austin Police Department.

Step-By-Step Guide to File APD Police Report

To file a police report in Austin, TX, follow these steps:

  1. Emergency vs. non-emergency: If it is an emergency and requires immediate police assistance, dial 911. For non-emergency situations, proceed to the next step.
  2. Contact the Austin Police Department (APD):
    • Call the non-emergency number for the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-2000. Inform them about the incident and request to file an APD police report. 
    • Visit a police station: Alternatively, you can visit the nearest police station in person. Find the closest station by checking the Austin Police Department’s website or using online mapping services.
  3. Provide relevant information: When filing a police report for a car accident in Austin, Texas, be prepared to provide detailed information about the incident. This includes the date, time, and location of the incident, a description of what happened, and any supporting evidence or witnesses, if available. Depending on the type of incident, you may be asked to fill out a CR-2 form – which is a common form to fill out for car crashes in Austin.
    • Tip: Keep in mind that this Austin Police report can be useful for insurance claims or any legal proceedings related to the incident. If you were hurt in an accident, we can guide you with filing the police report for free (simply provide your contact information in the form below).
  4. Cooperate with the police: Answer any questions asked by the police officer and provide accurate and complete information. It is important to be truthful and provide all relevant details to assist in the investigation when obtaining an APD car accident report.
  5. Request a copy of the police report: After filing the report, request a copy for your records. This can be useful for insurance claims or any legal proceedings related to the incident. You can also find your Austin police report online or request your Travis County Sheriff incident report online.

Filing an Austin Police Report Because You Were Hurt in an Accident?

If you were hurt in an accident and need to file a police report, remember that this report will be used for insurance claims and any legal proceedings related to the incident. It can be difficult to know what information you should (or shouldn’t) provide. We can walk you through it and help you file it for 100% free (with absolutely no obligation). Simply tell us your contact info here and we’ll reach out to you. Keep in mind that there’s a 10-day deadline to report it.

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Remember, it’s always best to follow the instructions provided by the Austin Police Department or consult their website for any additional information or updates.

This information is intended to help you navigate this often complex process more effectively. Please remember that the information provided here is for general understanding and may not cover all individual scenarios. For specific legal advice, it’s always best to consult with a professional attorney.

Our Austin accident lawyers are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation (no obligation). If you hire us, you pay nothing unless we win.

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