Travis County Police Reports Online (Free for Injured Victims)

How to get a free Travis County Accident Report?

As you’ll see below, getting a Travis County accident report can cost money and can be a bit complicated (especially if there was major damage or injuries involved). Getting this report doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’ve been hurt or injured in an accident in Travis County, we’ll help you pull your Travis County Accident Report for free (absolutely zero obligation). Use the 3-question form below.

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Can you request a Travis County police report online? 

Yes, you can email them to request a Travis County Sheriff’s incident report. There’s no online portal to search for Travis County police reports, so if you’re hoping to find a Travis County police report lookup, unfortunately, that’s not an option.

In addition to emailing the request to, you can also request the incident report:

  • In-person: 5555 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751
  • By mail:

Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Central Records
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, TX 78767

  • By fax: (512) 854-9189

How much does it cost to get a Travis County police report?

The price for a Travis County Sheriff’s Office incident report is $.10 per page, which can be paid by exact cash (in-person) or a check or money order made payable to Travis County Sheriff’s Office. For current prices, see their website.

How long does it take to get a Travis County accident report?

Travis County Incident Reports can take 2-10 business days to become available. You can inquire on the status of your report by calling Central Records at (512) 854-9749.

What does the Travis County Sheriff Incident Report include?

It only includes the portion of the incident report that is public information: type of offense, date/time of the offense, name of the officer who responded, and any items reported stolen or damaged. The public record will not contain any portion of the officer’s narrative. According to Travis County Sheriff (TCSO) website, “If your insurance company requests a copy of a report, the public record contains the information needed.”

If you need the officer’s narrative, you can file an Open Records Request. That request will give you a more detailed report, which contains the officer’s narrative. Note that the website also says, “When you submit your written Open Records Request, ask for the full and complete report or the portion that TCSO is allowed to release.”

If your car crash was minor, a Travis County Sheriff may not have responded or created an accident report. You may be required to file your own report to the sheriff’s office. Learn how to file a Travis County Sheriff incident report.

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How to get an Austin police report online?

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How to get a TxDOT crash report online?

You can search for a Texas Department of Transportation crash report in the Crash Records Information System (C.R.I.S.) on their website.

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