What is the Role of an Attorney After a Car Accident in Texas?

The role of an accident attorney is to ensure you get the medical care you need, to get your vehicle repaired or replaced as soon as possible, and to get you the best compensation possible for the injuries and damages you sustained as a result of the accident. Unfortunately, in our experience, most insurance companies will rarely, if ever, help their insured with these things unless, and until, their insured has a lawyer. To make matters worse, many lawyers fail to effectively help their clients with these same issues.

If you were recently hurt or injured in a car crash, the experienced team at Sandoval & James will work quickly and effectively to ensure that you get the care you need, that you get your car back, and that you get the best possible settlement.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of car accidents in Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas every day. After an accident, most people have a lot of questions and need answers right away. While each car accident is different, there are generally three things people need an experienced attorney to help them with. First, they need help getting proper medical care. It can be very difficult to understand the role of your health insurance, the at-fault driver’s car insurance, your own car insurance, and letters of protection in covering your medical bills and which medical providers you can see.

Second, most people need a car as soon as possible. Even if they are seriously injured, life doesn’t stop for most people because they were hit by another driver. Unfortunately, seriously injured people often need their vehicle back the most, as it is often needed so they can get to their doctor’s visits.

Third, people who were hurt or injured in a car wreck need to ensure they receive the best possible compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained. In theory, we all pay our insurance premiums every month so the insurance companies can compensate ourselves and others if we are ever injured in a car accident.

However, the reality is that insurance companies often set out to pay as little as possible. This is especially true if the injuries sustained are what the insurance companies try to characterize as “minor.” The reality is that even many injuries that seem minor can cause lifelong pain. That is why it is important to have an attorney and, perhaps more importantly, an effective and experienced injury attorney. In the case of a drunk driver, it may involve holding where they bought the alcohol accountable according to the Texas Dram Shop Act. The team at Sandoval & James has both the experience and expertise to help ensure you get the best possible result on your claim.

If you have more questions on the role of an injury attorney, please feel free to contact our office. Our experienced legal team of top-rated Austin car accident attorneys is happy to discuss your claim, completely free of charge. If you would like to gather additional information regarding what to do after a car accident and the process of making a claim before calling, please see our car accident page.

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