Austin Products Liability Lawyers

All of us are consumers. Almost every moment of every day – even while we are sleeping – we are surrounded by products we’ve purchased and rely on for a variety of reasons. The toys your child plays with, the appliances, devices, and tools you use around the house, the car you drive to work, the medicine you take – these are just a few examples of the consumer goods we encounter all the time. Since they are on the market and available for sale, we understandably presume that these products are safe, reliable, and appropriate for our use. But too often, that presumption is wrong.

When Corporate Greed Causes Consumer Injuries, We Fight Back

Just because a product is on store shelves or has the government’s seal of approval does not mean that it is safe, will perform as advertised, or won’t fail or break catastrophically. Dangerous and defective consumer products injure and kill thousands of Americans every year. These injuries and deaths don’t happen because of random or unforeseen accidents or a consumer’s misuse of a product.

Instead, consumers suffer and experience extreme physical and psychological losses solely because companies make a conscious decision to put profits ahead of people. They can save a few dollars and get their product on shelves quicker by cutting corners and designing, manufacturing, or selling products they knew or should have known were unsafe for consumer use.

At Sandoval James, our Austin products liability lawyers hold greedy or negligent companies responsible for the injuries and losses their actions cause and obtain compensation for consumers whose lives have been disrupted or forever changed because of a dangerous or defective product.

What Is “Product Liability?”

The term “product liability,” which is the basis of injury claims relating to unsafe or dangerous products, is a bit misleading. People are not injured because of the product itself, but rather because of the acts or omissions of companies that should have known better or that were otherwise negligent.

The designer may have developed the product poorly. The manufacturer may have made a mistake while producing it. Along with the retailer, they may have failed to warn consumers about the product’s dangers or even covered up and turned a blind eye to its risks.

Texas product liability law provides that consumers hurt because of a defective or unsafe or dangerous product can seek compensation from designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who negligently produce, distribute, or sell dangerous goods.

Types of Product Liability Claims

  • Many types of negligence can form the basis of a product liability lawsuit. The three primary bases of most of these claims are:
  • Design Defects. These cases focus on whether a company could have produced a product from a safer design without losing function or purpose.
  • Manufacturing Defects. Even if safely designed, a product may be dangerous if it is manufactured improperly or doesn’t follow design specifications.
  • Marketing Defects. These claims include the failure to warn consumers about preventable and known risks. Packaging and labeling mistakes can also form the basis of marketing defect product liability lawsuits.

Holding Companies Accountable in All Texas Product Liability Matters

Our Austin product liability law firm provides experienced representation in injury and wrongful death cases related to every kind of defective or dangerous consumer product, including:

  • Household products
  • Toys
  • Baby products
  • Construction materials
  • Tools
  • Tainted food
  • Home appliances
  • Products with dangerous packaging
  • Sports and safety equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Car brakes and tires
  • Defective drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Lawn equipment

Call Sandoval James to Discuss Your Product Liability Claim

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