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Every day, buses filled with passengers traverse the streets and highways around Austin. School buses take children to and from school. Charter buses transport tour groups or sports teams to their destinations. Interstate bus lines drive people to cities across Texas and beyond. And passengers take an average of over two million trips per month on Austin’s MetroBus network, according to Capital Metro statistics.

That amounts to a lot of people putting their trust in bus drivers, transit companies, and fleet operators to get them to where they want to go safely and responsibly. It also means that other drivers expect the same level of care and caution when sharing the road with large buses filled with scores of people.

Sometimes, however, a company may not take care of its injured workers as it should. It may not have the workers’ compensation insurance required under Texas law. And even if a company does carry workers’ compensation insurance, it may challenge a worker’s right to benefits and medical care. Other times, a third party – like the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment or another person’s negligence on the job – causes a worker’s injuries and may be held liable for those injuries and losses.

No matter what you do for a living and no matter how you got hurt on the job or the nature of your injuries, the Austin work injury attorneys at Sandoval & James will work as hard as you do to help you and your family after a workplace accident. When you can’t work, don’t have a paycheck coming in, and when you are focusing on getting better, the bills and worries can pile up quickly. We are committed to easing your concerns, providing you with a path forward, and making sure that you receive all the resources, benefits, and compensation you have earned.

Clarity, Care, and Compensation for Austin Bus Accident Injury Victims

While the overwhelming majority of bus trips are routine and without incident, bus accidents injure tens of thousands of Americans and kill hundreds every year. Just one crash involving a bus can leave a large number of severe injuries in its wake. Of the 976,161 registered buses on American roads in 2016, over 16,000 of them were involved in crashes that led to 35,000 injuries and 264 deaths that year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This includes injuries and fatalities involving bus passengers, other vehicle drivers and passengers, and pedestrians

For those hurt or who lose a family member in a bus accident caused by driver or bus company negligence, pain and grief can be followed by confusion and uncertainty about whom they can hold accountable for their losses and how they can receive compensation for their injuries.

The Austin bus accident lawyers at Sandoval James, PLLC, provide the clear direction, personal care, and committed representation that can help bus accident injury victims move forward. With an unmatched work ethic and a passion for making our clients’ lives better, we relentlessly pursue the full compensation that injury victims need and the accountability they deserve.

Understanding Austin Bus Accident Injury Claims

Buses aren’t only larger and carry more passengers than cars; they are also much more challenging to operate safely. That’s because:

  • Buses are harder to maneuver and slower to stop.
  • Buses make frequent stops, with passengers boarding and disembarking regularly.
  • Buses have more blind spots and more distractions.
  • Buses need more frequent and more involved maintenance.

These challenges are added to the risk factors all drivers face – impaired, distracted, or reckless driving, among others. If a bus driver lacks the proper training and experience to safely operate these cumbersome vehicles, the likelihood of an avoidable accident increases. That likelihood also increases when a bus company or transit authority fails to properly screen and train the drivers they hire or neglects to inspect, maintain, or repair their fleets.

When a driver operates a bus in an unsafe and negligent manner, or a mechanical problem that should have been repaired leads to accidents and injuries, multiple parties may be at fault and held liable for the damage that results.

When a public entity like Capital Metro or a school district owns and operates the bus, special rules and shorter time limits for filing claims may apply, making it even more important to contact one of the Austin bus accident lawyers at Sandoval James as soon as you can after an accident. Failure to act in time or follow the rules for such claims can cost you your right to obtain any compensation at all.

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