Pedestrian Safety During Austin’s Festival Months

Austin, Texas is home to some of the most popular festivals in the United States. Thousands of people flock to various music festivals from all over in hopes of watching a favorite artist or an up-and-coming musician perform. While wildly entertaining, these festivals are not immune to inherent risks and dangers. The world was reminded of this just a few short months ago when the Astroworld Concert in Houston resulted in the loss of 10 lives. In 2014, festival-goers experienced a similar tragedy in Austin when a driver plowed into the crowd, killing two and injuring 23 people who wound up in the hospital.

Pedestrians should understand the risks before attending these festivals and take necessary precautions to help ensure safety—especially while on foot. Getting to and from music festivals leaves pedestrians particularly vulnerable as they do not have any sort of vehicular protection. This article will address pedestrian safety and pedestrian accidents in Austin, TX, specifically.

Increasing Pedestrian Safety

If you are attending a festival in Austin, Texas, take note of some basic pedestrian safety tips. This can help you and those you’re traveling with to maintain a level of safety amid high-traffic areas.


Watch for cars. Always. When you are on the street, keep your eyes on moving vehicles around you. This is especially crucial in adverse conditions or at night time when visibility is low. In addition, watch for cars making right turns as drivers do not always look both ways. Waiting until you know the driver sees you can help keep you from becoming a victim in a pedestrian accident.

Watch for Inconsistencies

Festivals are often associated with alcohol, and alcohol can lead to impaired driving. Watching for a driver’s erratic behavior will help keep you safe. If you notice a car swerving or speeding at a high rate, stay on the sidewalk.

Walking Safety

Make sure to follow and obey all posted signs and signals. If drivers are supposed to follow these laws, so are pedestrians. If walkways or sidewalks are available, stay on them. Finally, make sure to only cross the street when there’s a designated crosswalk.

Involved in a Pedestrian Accident?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that accidents won’t happen—even when a pedestrian has taken all precautionary measures to increase their own safety. Too many varying factors play into accidents. In 2020 alone, Texas experienced 715 pedestrian deaths despite a decrease in overall traffic accidents. If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident in Austin, TX at one of the city’s festivals, here’s what you should do:

Obtain Documentation

Police officers should create their own accident reports, but if you can safely obtain any additional documentation, that will likely benefit you if there is a factual dispute. Whether that means photographs, witness statements, videos, etc., any documentation can help when it comes to receiving adequate compensation.

Seek Out Help of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Following an accident, the victim should seek out the help of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. Note that finding an attorney with knowledge of pedestrian accident claims is different from hiring a traditional personal injury attorney. A pedestrian accident attorney, like the experienced lawyers at Sandoval & James, will provide you with the knowledge needed to navigate what is sometimes a tricky claims process. Those responsible for the accident should be held accountable and victims deserve compensation. A pedestrian accident attorney will help.

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