At Sandoval & James, we strive to provide the best legal representation to people in the Austin area who have been hurt or injured in an accident. However, we understand that people in our community often face other types of legal issues. Unfortunately, getting help and guidance on these issues is often difficult and expensive.

In an effort to help and support the Austin community, Sandoval & James hosts free legal information events on a variety of different topics. Examples include topics such as starting a business, bankruptcy basics, Coronavirus claims, setting up trusts, immigration, family law, record sealing, disability benefits and more. The speaker at these events may be an attorney from our office or a guest speaker from another firm that specializes in the specific area. If time allows, there will be an opportunity to ask the speaker direct questions at the end of the event. Again, these events are completely free, simply RSVP by clicking on the event you would like to attend. Your first name and email are all that is required. Upcoming events are listed below, additional events can be found on our community calendar.

**Due to restrictions and concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all community events are postponed until further notice.

Free Sandoval & James Event: Disability Benefits

Sandoval & James is proud to host this free event to help the members of our Austin community understand the types of disability benefits that may be available to them and the sometimes difficult and confusing process of applying for those benefits. Come visit and learn more about when our next disability benefits event is on our community calendar.

Free Sandoval & James Event: Coronavirus (COVID-19) claims

At this event, the team at Sandoval & James will provide the information needed to help you understand the various types of claims related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the important information to know about each type of claim. To learn more about making Coronavirus related claims, stop by our next community event. 

Free Sandoval & James Event: Bankruptcy Basics

In this unfortunate time, many people in Austin are facing the prospect of Bankruptcy. In an effort to help, Sandoval & James is hosting a free event on the basics of personal bankruptcy. We periodically hold events on bankruptcy basics. If you’ve fallen on hard times and think bankruptcy might be helpful for you, please visit our next bankruptcy basics seminar.

Free Sandoval & James Event: Starting a Business

There are a lot of challenges when starting your own business. At this free Sandoval & James legal information event, we will provide you with the information needed to get your business started the right way, covering both the steps needed to get your business open and the steps to take to avoid problems down the road. Visit our next event on starting a business!