a car driving in front of a large truck at sunset

Top 8 Causes of Large Truck Accidents

Each year, thousands of people die or suffer from injuries in accidents involving semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. In many of these accidents, the company operating the semi-truck, as well as the truck’s driver, made avoidable mistakes that lead to the crash.

a view of the road from the perspective of someone sitting in the back seat of a car

How to Stay Alert While Driving

Whether it’s the hum of the tires or the subtle vibration of a car in cruise control, staying alert while driving can be difficult. Driver fatigue sets in, and the next thing you know, your eyelids start to feel awfully heavy. Starting to doze off or losing focus behind the wheel has led to many tragic accidents. Whether you are driving a big rig or a small vehicle, you must remain alert – even if there are no other cars around.

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