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Almost every injury, no matter how “minor,” has an impact on your life, at least for a while. An injury may be painful, limit your mobility and ability to do everyday tasks, or keep you off the job for a stretch. Many such injuries heal and — inconvenience, discomfort, and medical treatment and costs aside — ultimately leave you no worse for the wear.

But some injuries never heal.

Whether it happened behind the wheel, at work, on a surgical table, in a nursing home, or elsewhere, a catastrophic injury can permanently alter the lives of whole families. Victims may never fully be the same person they once were; unable to play with their friends, hug their kids, or even recognize their spouses. The basic activities of life can become frustrating challenges. Families coping with such a loss can find themselves overwhelmed by the emotional, financial, and practical difficulties involved in caring for a loved one who may need constant support. All of this is in addition to a lifetime of astronomically expensive and painful medical treatment and rehabilitation

As Austin catastrophic injury lawyers, we have seen first-hand the devastation that follows when someone’s negligence or irresponsible conduct causes a catastrophic injury. At Sandoval James, PLLC, we provide compassionate support and committed representation for individuals and families throughout Texas who need the critical resources and compensation that can alleviate their burdens. We are fierce litigators who are committed to our client’s well-being and are unrelenting in our efforts on their behalf.



While there is no settled legal definition of “catastrophic” injuries, they are generally considered to be ones in which the victims have a permanent long-term disability that prevents them from working and supporting their families.

Common examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe burns or disfigurement
  • Dismembered or amputated limbs


No matter the nature of a catastrophic injury, victims and their families share many struggles and can face astronomical expenses. When coupled with the loss of income, these costs can be nearly impossible to fathom. For example, the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates that the average annual cost of treatment for individuals with paraplegia is $537,271 in the first year and $71,172 every year after that.

Victims can owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses for such needed items as:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Lengthy and repeated hospitalizations
  • Multiple surgeries and other medical inpatient treatments
  • Rehabilitation and physical or occupational therapy
  • Medications
  • Specialized equipment and medical supplies needed for returning home
  • Alterations to the home or vehicles to accommodate the victim’s physical limitations
  • Mental health support and treatment for victims and their families
  • In-home caregivers

Of course, bills and invoices don’t show all of the costs of a catastrophic injury. A severely diminished quality of life, the heavy emotional burdens, and the loss of many of the abilities and experiences we often take for granted add to the toll.


When someone else inflicts a catastrophic injury on an innocent victim, we hold them accountable for their negligence. At Sandoval James, we aggressively pursue compensation for all losses suffered by our clients, fighting for the resources that can give them some much needed comfort, ease their pain, and bring them a sense of justice.

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