Texas Delivery Truck Accident Settlement Amount Examples


$1,200,000 | November 2023

Gross Settlement | Commercial Vehicle Accident

Expenses: $8,451.34

Net to Clients: $518,337.16

Clients sustained back, neck, and left shoulder injuries in a company vehicle accident. Defendant, who was operating a company delivery van, was stopped at the intersection facing north on Pleasant Hill Rd. As our clients crossed the intersection, Defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to yield the right of way, pulled out when unsafe to do so, and crashed into the side of our client’s vehicle. The force of the collision caused our client’s truck to veer off the road and crash into a nearby tree. Sandoval & James successfully resolved the case through mediation before trial.


$505,025 | January 2024

Gross Settlement | Motor Vehicle Accident (Amazon Van Accident Injuries)

Expenses: $5,003.85

Net to Client: $220,346.53

Due to a motor vehicle accident our client sustained injuries to their head, neck, and back. The Defendant, who was driving an Amazon van heading west on Logan Drive, turned through a dummy hole and T-boned our client’s vehicle. Medical personnel recommended cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery. The collision was captured on the defendant’s dash camera. Sandoval & James Law Firm successfully resolved the case through mediation after a lawsuit was filed.

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