Katy Thompson Esq.

Personal Injury Trial Attorney

Katy Thompson Esq.

Katy Thompson has been utilizing advanced advocacy and negotiation tactics from a very young age, which her parents and teachers ignorantly referred to as “arguing” and “being tenacious.” A tireless champion for others, Katy averaged over 500 hours of community service per year in college and it was her passion for helping others that ultimately led her to law school. She also has a background in educational instruction, having been a graduate assistant for the supplemental instruction program and a teacher of record at Texas State University in San Marcos that gives her a unique perspective in the trial. Coupled with her background in print and digital media marketing, Katy excels in and out of the courtroom with her compelling visual presentations and simple but effective trial themes. 

Katy honed her skills at the Baylor Law School, a top 5 ranked trial advocacy school in the United States, where she participated in moot court, client counseling, and mock trial competitions and excelled as a brief writer. Undaunted by the prestigious practice court program at Baylor Law, Katy volunteered to present both a criminal and a civil case to get additional experience. She also attended the prestigious Academy of the Advocate School of the Trial in St. Andrews, Perth, Scotland; where she spent two weeks in trial advocacy intensive with Federal Judge Randy Gilstrap and Professor Gerald Powell, distinguished professor of evidence. In order to better understand dispute resolution outside of trial, Katy also became a Texas mediator in law school and uses that knowledge when representing clients in mediation.

Upon becoming an attorney, Katy became a member of the Texas Bar College, showcasing her commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in the law as well as her commitment to continuing to better advocate for her clients. Katy is also working on becoming a member of the Texas Pro-Bono College and works with Pro Bono Texas, among other groups.

Katy Thompson
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