Andre Mackey

Associate Attorney

Mr. Mackey works in the pre-litigation personal injury department helping resolve cases before lawsuit. He is a young, motivated, and hungry attorney who is dedicated to resolving cases for his clients and advocating for the client’s best interest. Mr. Mackey knows how to pursue a fair pre-litigation result for his clients and he also knows how to best prepare a case for the well-equipped litigation department here at Sandoval & James law firm. Mr. Mackey’s work ethic and compassion for his clients fits perfectly into Sandoval & James law firm.

Mr. Mackey was attended the Thurgood Marshall school of Law in Houston, Texas. Mr. Mackey is an Austin, Texas native. He spent 3 years in Houston for law school where he grew to like Houston but decided to move back home and pursue his legal career in his favorite place. Originally Andre wanted to be a criminal defense attorney, but he came across personal injury during his time at law school and gained a growing interest for this area of law which he now practices in as an attorney. 

Mr. Mackey is a first-generation college graduate and graduated in the top 5 percent of his law school, and the first in his family to become an attorney. Mr. Mackey in his free time likes to watch and participate in sports as well as spend times with his friends and family.

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