Sandoval & James is an Accident and Injury firm located in Austin, Texas.
We are proud to call Austin home and proud to represent the people of this community.


Our firm fights no matter how tough the case. From massive car wrecks to workplace accidents, to seemingly minor incidents we will fight for you no matter what.


We have over 600 five star reviews from former clients, giving us a near perfect rating
on google.


We have successfully resolved over 3,000 accident and injury cases in favor of the
people of Austin.


We keep our clients informed and up to date on what is happening in their case throughout the process and we pride ourselves on being clear and transparent with our clients throughout the course of our representation.


We are committed to the best outcomes of every one of our cases. That is why we zealous advocates for all of our clients, fighting and striving to get them the best possible result.


Our team of attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience representing people
who have been hurt or injured in an accident that was due to someone else’s


We have an entire team of dedicated and motivated individuals who come to work to fight for every client, every day. Our culture embraces the idea that our effort impacts our clients outcome and embraces this idea on a daily basis.


We understand how an unexpected injury impacts your life and how confusing the road to recovery can be. That is why the team at Sandoval & James will carefully explain what you should expect and when you should expect it from the moment we sit down with


Sandoval & James is proud to have a focused and effective team that strongly believe in fighting for each and every one of our clients.


We will assist you throughout the process to make it as easy on you as possible. We take
pride in going above and beyond for our clients to assist them through this often
difficult time.


We have repeatedly been given the highest and best possible rating by our clients.


Sandoval & James has a team of knowledgeable attorneys and staff who knows what it takes to get our clients the best results after they have been injured.


Sandoval & James is dedicated to high ethical standards. Where others may cut corners, we do things right. Even if it takes more, this helps ensure our clients get the best possible results.


At Sandoval & James we are innovative, we take a different approach than most lawyers. We examine a case at all angles when we first meet a client so that we thoroughly understand the facts of each case, leading to better outcomes and a faster settlement time.


The entire team at Sandoval & James is focused on helping our clients resolve their claim quickly without compromising results. We understand that a delayed result can make an already difficult situation worse.


We will not give up on a case. We fight until there is a fair settlement for our client.


We will empower our clients to get their lives back on track. Sandoval & James understands that after an accident related injury you can feel powerless and lost, we are proud to be there for our clients and to help them get their lives back on track.


We will listen to our clients and understand that every client’s situation is unique. We will take the time to understand your individual circumstances and concerns, and address the same.


We understand that no two cases are alike and because of that, each client has different things that they worry about. We are here to find the best solution for you after you have been hurt in a car accident.

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    Practice Areas.

    Whether you were injured in a car accident, due to a fall, while at work, or some other way, the experienced and proven team at Sandoval & James can help.

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    Personal Injury

    Sandoval & James is a proven accident and injury law firm located in Austin, Texas. Our lawyers fight for people who were hurt or injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

    • car accidents
    • motorcycle accidents
    • trucking/18 wheeler accidents
    • accidents caused by drunk drivers

    Our firm also represents people injured in slip and fall, injured while at work, injured because of a defective product, and other incidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

    Truck Accidents

    Every day, large cargo-laden trucks and other commercial vehicles crisscross the streets and highways of Texas. These massive vehicles and their drivers share the roads with much smaller passenger cars, pickups, minivans, and motorcycles whose drivers and passengers expect truckers to follow the law and operate their rigs safely and responsibly.

    Car Accidents

    Here in Texas, we spend a lot of time behind the wheel – getting to and from work, running errands, taking the kids to school or sports, or embarking on long family road trips. In fact, Americans spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes (almost 300 hours) driving every year, according to the American Automobile Association. All that time on the road means that the chances of being involved in a car wreck at some point in your life are pretty high.

    Workplace Injury

    Texans work hard. Whether your job is on a factory floor or construction site, in an office or cubicle, behind a counter or at the wheel, you expect to be compensated fairly for your time, effort, and commitment. If you get hurt on the job, as millions of Americans do every year, you also expect your employer to meet their obligations under the law to help you get back on your feet and back to work.

    Wrongful Death

    The death of a family member or other loved one is always difficult for those left behind. Even when the loss is expected after a lengthy illness or comes at the end of a full life, grief and sadness are unavoidable. But when a life is tragically and suddenly cut short because someone acted recklessly or was negligent or when a parent, child, or sibling is taken from a family forever because someone else was careless and irresponsible, the loss hits even harder.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    If you are a biker, you know the feeling. The freedom and exhilaration, the wind in your hair, the purr of your motorcycle beneath you, and the open road ahead of you create a unique and powerful combination. But the joy of motorcycle riding comes with a trade-off. Even if you are like most bikers – safe, responsible, and law-abiding – you still face unique dangers every time you ride. While helmets and other protective gear provide critical and often life-saving protection, bikers remain particularly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries caused by other drivers who fail to share the road as they should.

    Drunk Driver (Hit by)

    It is a tragic and infuriating tale told way too often. Someone gets behind the wheel after having one drink too many; maybe several drinks too many. He knows driving drunk is illegal. He knows it puts his life and the lives of others at serious risk. Despite all of this, he convinces himself that he is okay and can make it home safely. And then, in an instant, he is proven horribly wrong.

    Bicycle Accidents

    When a car or truck hits a bicycle, it is often a frightening experience for both the driver and the bicyclist. In such accidents, the vehicle typically impacts the body of the cyclist directly. Unfortunately, this almost always leaves the cyclist injured and often severely injured. If you were recently hit by a car or truck while ridding a bicycle and have questions, feel free to contact our office. We are happy to address your questions and concerns, completely free of charge.

    Personal Injury

    Truck Accidents

    Car Accidents

    Workplace Injury

    Wrongful Death

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Drunk Driver (Hit by)

    Bicycle Accidents

    Real Cases.
    Real Results.

    We get great reviews because we get great results. It is that simple.

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    $1,250,000.00 | February 2021

    Gross Settlement | Motor Vehicle Accident (Substantial Policy) Client sustained neck, shoulder, and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident.  Defendant was driving a non-commercial vehicle.  Client alleged partially at-fault for accident by the Defendant with minimal impact to both vehicles.  Multiple surgeries alleged by client as a result of the accident.  Despite the difficulties of the case, there was resolution without trial. Expenses: $23,260.76Attorney Fees: [...]

    $850,000.00 | December 2020

    Gross Settlement | Commercial Vehicle Accident Client sustained back, neck, and shoulder injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Defendant was driving a commercial vehicle. Defendant failed to yield right of way when exiting a private drive. Surgery alleged by Client as a result of the accident. Sandoval & James reached a settlement agreement despite the difficulties of the case. Expenses: $1,207.03Attorney [...]

    $431,606.08 | December 2020

    Gross Settlement | Wrongful Death/Products Liability Settlement for multiple wrongful death beneficiaries.  Wrongful death case allegedly resultant of defective product and warnings.  Clients had a strained relationship with the decedent, but despite difficulties with the case, Sandoval & James successfully resolved the case for a substantial amount. Expenses: $27,410.94Attorney Fees: [...]

    $431,606.08 | December 2020

    Gross Settlement | Wrongful Death/Products Liability Settlement for multiple wrongful death beneficiaries.  Wrongful death case allegedly resultant of defective product and warnings.  Clients had a strained relationship with the decedent, but despite difficulties with the case, Sandoval & James successfully resolved the case for a substantial amount. Expenses: $27,410.94Attorney Fees: [...]

    Dedicated To Your Cause.

    Meet The Founders

    Esteban Sandoval and Benedict James fight for people. They founded Sandoval & James based on their shared belief that people of Austin should have the best possible legal representation after an accident has impacted their life. They have seen how an unexpected injury can turn someone’s life upside down and know how critical a full and fair resolution is to getting their life back on track. This drives Esteban and Ben to fight for every client and in every case. Even if other lawyers have turned down a case because of things like low property damage, the lawyers at Sandoval & James understand that people can and often are still injured and they strive to give these clients, like all their clients, the best possible representation.

    Esteban SandovalPartner
    Benedict V. JamesPartner

    Our Clients
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    With over 600 Five Star reviews and a near-perfect rating on Google, we believe our clients say it best.

    - Albert H.

    The Sandoval James law firm was the best experience I have had with lawyers. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. My case went very quick and with amazing results. I highly recommend it.

    - Berta S.

    Thank you so much for all hard work! You are a blessing to me and my family. Best attorneys in town!

    - Andres R.

    Great experience with Sandoval and James. Ani in particular was quick and reliable. Very hardworking, on top of every little detail, meticulous.

    - Bruce F.

    Thank you so much Sandoval James!!! You guys exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend this law firm, they are the best in town!

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